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    generate reliable and meaningful data from valid sources

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    gain insights from data to form a concrete evidence base

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    utilize evidence to inform policy & guide decision making

Ignosi is

Unlocking Insights, Driving Impact: Empowering Organizations with Evidence-based Solutions.

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Core Services

  • Applied Research

    We provide technical expertise and contribute local knowledge to clients from the private sector, governments, academic institutions, NGOs, and multilateral organisations, who seek practical solutions to real world business and development challenges ...


  • Data Analytics

    Generation of clean and reliable data represents only a preliminary step in the process of evidence-based inquiry.The key challenge is to acquire insights from the data that can be applied to address real world business and development challenges and improve organizational decision ...


  • Knowledge Creation

    The aspiration to add value across all spheres of society and serve a varied client base underpins our identity as a learning organization. By drawing on our extensive professional experiences, we are able to continuously innovate in the way we run our activities and fulfill the needs of our clients ... 



Project Highlight

Tropical deforestation threatens biodiversity, carbon storage, watershed function and rural livelihoods. Forest loss is particularly acute in sub- Saharan Africa, where deforestation rates are the highest in the world. Between 2000 and 2020, total tree cover in Uganda decreased by 12% and accounted for 43 the release of 413 Mt of CO2 emissions. Ignosi Research along with researchers from University of New South Wales, Sydney and Oregon State University set out to study effective ways to design Payments for Ecosystems programs. This study, conducted from 2022-2023, involved 1,600 households in eastern, central and western Uganda.


Case studies

Discover the remarkable impact of IGNOSI through our Case Studies page. Delve into a collection of diverse projects where we have collaborated with multilateral organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, private sector firms, and non-profit organizations.