Ignosi Research

IGNOSI is a premier private research firm that caters to a diverse clientele, including multilateral organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, private sector firms, and non-profit organizations. Our wide range of consulting services encompasses development project implementation, market research, program evaluation, and policy analysis, all aimed at generating evidence and knowledge to support informed organizational decision-making. With a commitment to excellence, our experienced team collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and develop innovative solutions that drive tangible results. By combining deep industry insights with rigorous research methodologies, we empower organizations to achieve their goals and navigate complex landscapes. Join us in unlocking new opportunities and making a lasting impact worldwide.

Our Approach

Given the ever growing desire for reliable, easily accessible, and up-to-date information and knowledge by decision makers in business, academia and the international development world, we have put in place the necessary technical, logistical and supervisory infrastructure to be highly responsive to the diverse needs of our clients.


We generate and apply concrete knowledge to guide the decisions that our clients make. These decisions may be related to, among others, opening up new markets, testing new products or services, assessing the impact of development interventions, and analyzing implications of public policy.


Our core team is comprised of applied research professionals with advanced training and experience in conceptualizing novel market-driven research ideas, instituting mechanisms to generate reliable data and knowledge, interpreting data to identify patterns, trends and make forecasts, and providing insights and solutions based on sound analysis.


We hold the firm belief that familiarity with the social, cultural, political and economic context in a given study area is pivotal to the investigative process that characterizes applied research work. As such, we focus on making the most of local expertise and have institutional mechanisms in place to guarantee that a thorough understanding of a given research environment or setting is an integral component of all our projects.


Where We work

We have made significant contributions in countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya in East Africa, as well as Zambia and Senegal in West Africa. Through our engagements in these regions, we have gained valuable insights into the unique socio-economic dynamics, cultural nuances, and policy landscapes that shape the operating environments. 

In Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya, our involvement has spanned multiple sectors, including agriculture, healthcare, education, and governance. By collaborating with local stakeholders, we have developed and implemented impactful programs and strategies that drive positive change and foster sustainable growth. Our focus has been on tailoring solutions that address the specific needs of these countries and contribute to their long-term development. 

Similarly, in Zambia and Senegal, our work has centered around economic development, infrastructure, and public policy. Through comprehensive market research, program evaluations, and policy analyses, we have provided valuable insights and recommendations to inform decision-making processes. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities in these countries, we have played a vital role in driving inclusive and equitable development. 

As we expand our reach, IGNOSI remains committed to working collaboratively with organizations, governments, and communities across the African continent. By combining our expertise with local knowledge, we strive to create meaningful change and contribute to sustainable development in the regions we serve.

Map of Locations