The aspiration to add value across all spheres of society and serve a varied client base underpins our identity as a learning organization. By drawing on our extensive professional experiences, we are able to continuously innovate in the way we run our activities and fulfill the needs of our clients. Our innovative approach takes various forms:

Demand Creation: in addition to providing technical expertise to fulfill the needs of clients who seek out our services, we create our own demand by generating applicable research ideas that we then market to potential clients. Currently, we are working on a novel market research tool for financial institutions to efficiently gather and analyze real time data from a representative sample of their client base to guide decision making.

Thought Leadership: we aspire to be at the cutting edge as far as generating and applying local evidence to address pertinent business, social and development needs are concerned. This entails having a keen awareness of the challenges, opportunities and resources pertaining in the areas where we operate, with a view to positioning ourselves to not only respond to existent needs, but more importantly, to anticipate and participate in charting the future course of knowledge generation.

Knowledge Dissemination: we are actively involved in publicizing the findings of our own research initiatives and those from the wider policy research community to relevant stakeholders through various channels, including the news portal on our website.

Capacity Building: in the course of our work, we actively recruit, train and empower numerous young professionals, thereby contributing to the creation of a highly skilled manpower base with in-depth exposure to generating reliable and actionable knowledge that can be applied to tackle various social and economic development challenges in society.