Data Analytics

Generation of clean and reliable data represents only a preliminary step in the process of evidence-based inquiry.The key challenge is to acquire insights from the data that can be applied to address real world business and development challenges and improve organizational decision making.We play an integral role in making this connection in various ways, including:


Econometric analysis

by analyzing experimental and observational data using advanced statistical software, our data analytics team is able to reveal patterns, draw inferences that provide insights into the association between interventions and outcomes, and determine causal impacts of policy.


Data mapping & visualization

the ability to rapidly tell a story, or communicate a message is critical to quick decision making. By visualizing information, we turn hard figures into a landscape that can be easily explored and utilized by decision makers to make interpretations without requiring specialized statistical knowledge.


Machine Learning

as the needs for reliable evidence on which to base decisions are varied and constantly evolving, advanced knowledge in modelling techniques used to analyse data for predictive purposes is crucial. Our in-house expertise in data science puts us in an enviable position to offer solutions of a practical nature to clients in private business, international development, or the public sector who wish to make predictions or detect trends of key phenomena of interest.