We provide technical expertise and contribute local knowledge to clients from the private sector, governments, academic institutions, NGOs, and multilateral organisations, who seek practical solutions to real world business and development challenges. Our support takes various forms depending on clients’ needs, and may involve:

  • Research & Evaluation Design: developing the technical aspects of evidence-based development interventions, taking into account both the sector-specific context and the overall political, social and economic environment. This includes devising appropriate sampling strategies that allow for valid inferences to be made, plus developing, translating, piloting & implementing qualitative and quantitative data collection instruments such as structured/semi-structured interview guides, focus group discussion guides, mystery client guides, field-based behavioural games, and surveys.
  • Project Management: planning, implementation, coordination, monitoring & reporting of research and evaluation interventions in a manner that ensures strict adherence to design and regulatory standards. This also encompasses recruiting, training & supervising data collection teams to ensure generation of high quality data, plus supporting the acquisition of Institutional Review Board (IRB) & related local research approvals.
  • Electronic Programming: data collection instruments are programmed on electronic platforms to facilitate real-time data cleaning, scrutiny and analysis; we have in-house competence in various programming tools including ODK, SurveyCTO, Survey Solutions, and CSPRo. Additionally, we oversee data entry, coding & transcription for paper, audio or observation-based data collection formats.