Food Security-Mobile Data Usage Study

This study was conducted on behalf of researchers from Université-Libre-de-Bruxelles with the objective of assessing the potential of using mobile phone data as warning mechanism during food insecurity periods.  In order to validate or invalidate the potential link between both variables and make it possible to spot food insecurity periods from aggregated mobile phone data, a field study was conducted to collect primary data to aid in verifying the study's hypothesis.

The field research consisted of conducting survey questionnaires with mobile phone users in areas around 2 major markets in the Karamoja region districts of Napak and Moroto. The study’s focus was on households within the vicinity of and served by Kamswahili and Matany food markets in Moroto and Napak districts respectively.  

Tasks completed include:

  • Survey instrument development including identification of relevant indicators
  • Electronic programming of survey instrument
  • Field team recruitment, training and supervision
  • Data cleaning and  scrutiny